Sewers in Bradford are getting an overhaul by Yorkshire Water, to prevent the number of flooding incidents that have blighted the town recently.

Detailed sewer inspection surveys are being carried out around the town, at what are known as ‘hot-spots’ where people are known to put the wrong things into their drainage system. The surveys will see Yorkshire Water inspect over 17,000 properties to check for blockages and lift over 6,000 manhole covers to check public sewer systems are working correctly. Yorkshire Water also estimates they will check over 8,500 customer drains, to make sure they are working correctly.

If blockages are found, the firm will use high pressure water jetting to remove the offending items. They will also use CCTV cameras if needed to investigate problem areas.

Chris Bradshaw, who is a Yorkshire Water technician stated:

“Over the last year we have spent £750,000 searching for and clearing blockages right across the region.

“By carrying out these pro-active surveying activities we are aiming to help prevent any incidents of internal flooding occurring as a result of blocked sewers.

“Often the problem has been caused by people putting unsuitable items down their toilets and sinks – in the case of areas of Bradford, this was cooking fat.”

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