Rutherglen Bowling Club in South Lanarkshire has been flooded after an inefficient sewerage system meant water backed up on a road close by. The bowling greens at the club are at a level lower than the road above, so when recent heavy rains hit the area, the drains could not cope and water cascaded onto the green area.

The damage incurred could run into thousands of pounds, with a retaining wall damaged and a costly clean-up operation likely. The problem, it seems, was foreseen by the council as a one foot high anti-flood barrier was already in place. However, it was not high enough to cope with the water surge at the end of July.

A spokesperson for the bowling club stated:

“It happens when the drains on Stonelaw Road can’t take anymore. A big pool appears, big enough to go over the flood barrier the council have already installed.

“We’ve closed one green because the gravel has been washed down past our main door. It’s contaminated; we don’t want people to walk over that.”

As well as the damaging effects caused by the water, the area around the greens has been contaminated by raw sewage.

“The heavy rain resulted in the sewer system surcharging as it could not cope with the volume of water.

“The manhole cover at the junction of Rodger Drive was lifted by the force of the water which then flooded the road. The road drainage (gullies) in this area where cleaned recently.

“However, the gullies are connected to the Scottish Water Sewer System and, when that system is full, flooding will occur. South Lanarkshire Council contacted Scottish Water regarding the discharge of water from their system and arranged to make the damaged manhole made safe.”

Problems with public sewers will be dealt with by the local council or local Water Board. However, if you have a drainage problem at home you will need to call a drain cleaning company to solve the problem for you.

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