Mayor of London, Boris Johnson has announced that a full consultation of the Thames Supersewer project must take place. Mr Johnson is “concerned over the rising cost” of putting current plans into place and says that major disruption to Londoners who live along the route should not be tolerated.

Despite years of work on the project, Mr Johnson’s latest comments may end up putting pressure on Thames Water and the Government to rethink there plans. That could mean them returning to the drawing board and spending even more money on a project already estimated to cost around £4.1bn.

Mr Johnson has been accused by Labour’s Ken Livingstone of a “clear electioneering ploy” ahead of the City Hall election. Mr Livingston insinuates that Mr Johnson wants to garner favour of those members of the constituency who live along the proposed tunnel route.

Mr Johnston spoke to the Evening Standard, he commented:

“It is vital that we clean up the Thames and I am committed to support measures that achieve this. But I am increasingly concerned over the rising cost that it will impose on Londoners, already hard hit by the current economic climate, and also the severe disruption for many people in some parts of London. We need greater clarity on whether this is indeed the best scheme that could be devised.”

In response Mr Livingstone’s spokesperson commented:

“Despite personally signing off the proposed London Supersewer sites earlier this month, Tory Boris Johnson has now cynically demanded a review of sites. This is a clear electioneering ploy by the Tory Mayor.”

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