Residents in Bookham have had to suffer “disgusting” sewer problems through the Christmas period when a drain collapse sent sewage flowing down a local road.

Sewers under Water Lane in Bookham suffered a blockage problem during the heavy rainfall the week before Christmas which totally blocked the flow of sewage through the drain. Thames Water sent several tankers to the site which spent days and nights pumping away the waste water.

Local residents have said that there is a long-standing problem with the sewer and are disappointed that Thames Water has released a statement saying that the problem will not be solved until the 19th of January.

Steven Poole lives directly opposite the manhole used to access the sewer, he spoke to the Leatherhead Advertiser, he said:

“If anyone would like to re-live the Glastonbury festival experience, come on down and have a waddle,

“My neighbour has had sewage all over his front garden and in his garage, and residents including children, elderly and disabled people on mobility scooters have to get through this disgusting sea of filth.”

Thames Water is currently investigating the cause of the problem, which is likely a collapsed sewer.
Craig Rance, the Thames Water spokesperson said:

“Recent heavy rain has overwhelmed the sewerage system in Water Lane meaning the nearby pumping station has been unable to cope with the increased flows.

“We have had to use tankers to prevent any further issues with flooding but this has left the road in a very messy state, for which we are very sorry.”

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