Residents living in Dudley tower blocks are worried about some recurring sewage problems. The residents from the Vicarage Prospect received a letter upon complaining to the council housing manager. The letter said that they need to put a plug in their empty bath to prevent the sewage smells from entering their homes.

Gary Wells was one of the residents who noticed that something was wrong, as a noise kept coming from his bath.

The waste continues to come up through the plug hole, which ultimately leaves a stain or mark in the bath and it also smells horrible.

Mr. Wells said that very little has been done to resolve these problems which have been occurring for last six months. He also said that the residents have already reported to the council inspectors but they have not done anything about it.

He then stated that people came but they said that they could do nothing about it. The council does not have any answers and he is not happy with the same. This is the wrong attitude for the council to have, as the sewage and air blows the plug out of the hole when it comes up.

Lastly, the spokesperson of the council said that they have started their work in two homes and they have resolved problems with the smell. They will still continue to work with the residents on this issue.

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