One of the biggest drainage problems that most homeowners face is a blocked sewer pipe. Blocked sewers, whilst being extremely inconvenient, can also be extremely unhygienic and cause serious damage to a homeowner’s property.

If you think you might have a problem with a blocked sewer, it’s important to take prompt action before the problem worsens. You might notice that the fluid level in the toilet takes longer to drop than usual or you may notice a bad smell emanating from the drain. If you ignore both these problems the drain may actually overflow and there is a possibility that raw sewage will flow into your home.

Drain cleaning companies will be able to diagnose problems with blocked drainage really quickly and suggest a suitable remedy. They commonly use high pressure water jetting equipment which can remove blockages by dispersing them into small particles that can travel easily down the drain.

If you have recurring drainage issues, the drain cleaning company may conduct a CCTV survey of the drain to find the cause of the problem. They can then make the necessary repairs and hence the drainage problem can be cured.

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