Don’t Ignore Those Tell-Tale Signs That You Have A Drainage Problem

The quicker you call in professionals to remedy your blocked pipes, the less costly and distressing your drainage problem will be.

Do you suspect that you have blocked drains in your house? Unfortunately, many homeowners turn a blind eye to odd ‘symptoms’ that their pipes may be exhibiting, usually because they’re worried about the cost of maintenance. And yet when it comes to blocked pipes, this is the type of problem that becomes much more costly the longer you ignore it.

First of all, you should be aware of the tell-tale signs that suggest you may have a problem with your drainage system.

Unpleasant Odour

If you’re suddenly aware of an unpleasant odour coming from your plugholes, then this is likely due to a blocked drain. This might be particularly apparent in the kitchen where food debris may have become lodged in the pipework beneath your sink. Such debris piles up, whilst causing a blockage, and the smell of the food waste decomposing in the pipes rises up into your home’s interior. The smell will be pungent, and you may find it becomes worse after the tap has been turned on.

Slow Drainage

Whether it’s water that is slow to drain from your shower cubicle, bath, or any kitchen, bathroom or cloakroom sink in your house, this is another obvious sign that a blockage is present in the pipework. This may be due to the build-up of hair, cosmetic products or any foreign objects that shouldn’t have been washed down the drain. In some cases, you may find that a supermarket drainage solution may help to break down the debris if you follow the instructions for pouring it down the plughole. But for more severe cases, it’s important to call in the professionals as soon as possible.

Raised Water Levels

When you flush the toilet, if you notice that the water rises high up in the bowl before slowly draining away, then this is a clear indicator that you’ve got something lodged in the pipes or drain. To avoid this scenario, take care to follow the three Ps of toilet drainage – only flush pee, poo and toilet paper. If you’ve been flushing sanitary products, kitchen roll or baby wipes, then this has likely caused a major blockage which will take more than a plunger to put right.

Calling In The Professionals

It’s important not to be embarrassed about calling in drain cleaning experts– they’re specialists in what they do and have honestly seen it all before! But more importantly, leaving a blocked drain to fester can turn your living situation into an environmental health hazard – for example if sewage was to back up and start overflowing into your property. Professionals will bring their drain cleaning vans out, on a 24/7 emergency callout basis where required, and will assess your drainage situation. If necessary, they will employ techniques such as high-pressure water jetting or the use of electro-mechanical coring machines to eradicate the blockage quickly.

The golden rule with signs of a blocked drain is to deal with it immediately. And when drain cleaning professionals are available 24/7, there’s no excuse not to get in touch.

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