It’s quite common for drains to become blocked in a big city like London. The large infrastructure puts a great degree of stress on the capital’s wastewater network. But perhaps the two most common reasons for a drain blockage are roots which have infiltrated the drainage system and fat deposits which have unwittingly been poured down the drain by local residents.

Drains blocked by roots in London

Drains can become blocked by roots when they find their way into the drainage system. All it takes for roots to infiltrate a drain is a small crack or fissure in the surface of the pipe and the roots will start to build around the pipe due to the easy supply of water. If the roots enter the pipe they will quickly grow causing a blockage. In some instances the pipes can become overwhelmed with roots and may have to be replaced, but often a spinning root cutter can be inserted into the pipe which cuts the roots away leaving the passage free again for the flow of waste water.

Drains blocked by fat in London

It’s becoming increasingly common to find drains which have become blocked by fat. Although drainage companies spend thousands of pounds every year to educate the general public what can and what can’t be inserted into the drain they still pour liquid fat into the drainage pipes. When this fat cools it solidifies and can cause a drain to become blocked. Drainage experts in London can remove this fat by flushing it through the drainage system by jetting the drain.

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