Blocked drains can cause severe problems, but without realising that they are doing it, some people actually contribute to the problem by the disposal of items into the drainage system that should not be there.

A recent report from Severn Trent sewerage found that items such as mobile phones, false teeth, pushchairs and even a suitcase full of money have been found in the drainage system. However, the items that cause most problems to the sewerage system are simple oils and fats that people dispose of down the plug hole after they have been used in the kitchen. Oils, fats and grease cause problems because they stick to the inside of drains and can only be removed by specialist drain cleaning equipment.

How can I dispose of oils or fat?
The report by Severn Trent stated that 90 people actually had raw sewage enter their homes last year due to blocked drainage problems. Most of these were problems that could have been avoided. If you use oil or fat when cooking, or if oil or fat is collected after perhaps cooking a roast, the best way to dispose of the fat is to wait for the substance to harden and then dispose of the hardened matter in the general waste bin.

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