According to residents of Hatch End, broken drains are creating health and hygiene problems for them. This is the third time that this has occurred over the past few weeks.

The same drain was blocked twice during the festive period, and between December 22nd and 27th, the paths of students and shopkeepers were flooded with waste materials.

69-year old Hatch End resident, Michael Bailey confirmed that local citizens have reported the problems to Harrow Council, and that the smell was now starting to creep in to restaurants and shops, which is having an effect on locals.

Harrow Council have sent a team out to help to clear up mess in pipes and unblock the drains. The council will charge around £600 per visit.

According to reports, the blockage is being caused by oil and, it is suspected that residents may be responsible for this. However, it is difficult to find out who is responsible, although repair costs are expected to reach £1,800.

Residents of Hatch End have been told that they need to be careful about leakages, and to realise the importance of drain maintenance.

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