Over the Christmas period, few will be thinking of the impact our Christmas turkeys are having on the sewers. Unfortunately, there are still a large proportion of people who dispose of the fat from their turkey by pouring it down the sink. The effect that this solidifying fat can have on the sewers can be problematic for those responsible for drain maintenance.

In order to help combat this festive challenge in the North West, United Utilities are using the services of their latest high tech recruit, Big Dave. Big Dave is an all terrain robot, who will be patrolling the sewer system in the Manchester area. Dave will be searching out the festive fat, using his six all terrain wheels, lighting rig and mechanised camera. Dave can access areas which are inaccessible to United Utilities other employees, which means the problem can be dealt with more effectively than waiting for Dave’s colleagues to excavate the drain.

Of course this problem could be stopped and Big Dave’s services used in other ways, if people disposed of their cooking fat in a more responsible manner. Fat should be allowed to harden and disposed of in the bin, along with other cooking waste.

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