Wessex Water is spending nearly £250,000 to reduce flooding in Bath. The junction of Lower Bristol road and Connection Road has flooded on numerous occasions in the recent past during times of heavy rainfall. So, to try to alleviate the problem, the water company are constructing a new sewer which will carry a larger volume of waste water.

Connection Road will be closed to traffic for five weeks on Monday the 17th of January. And on Bristol Road, a two-way traffic light system will be put in place to try to minimise traffic congestion. Local residents have been informed of the works and signs advising motorists of the works have been put in place.

Paul Godfrey, the project manager on the works stated:

“There have been times when a section of Lower Bristol Road near the railway arches have been seriously flooded causing problems for local businesses, motorists and pedestrians.

“The work involves providing extra capacity in the sewerage network so when there is a sudden downpour waste water can be take away safely which will help to alleviate localised flooding which the area has experienced.”

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