As autumn is upon us, now is a crucial time to consider the maintenance of your drainage system. The leaves on the trees are all turning beautiful orange-red-brown colours, meaning that they are getting ready to fall. Once they do begin to fall however, they will inevitably make their way into the drain gullies around your property. This can lead to blocked drains, and consequential damage to your property.

In the autumn the volume of leaves and debris that falls to the ground is significant, and the increase in rain and wind means that this is washed straight towards your drainage system. Domestic drainage is not designed to cope with such volumes of waste. It is therefore important to invest time in keeping your drains in good working order, now more than ever.

Simply spending time regularly cleaning the leaves and autumn debris from the drains can make a huge difference, and prevent a serious blockage developing. However, make sure that you keep your eyes open for any animals that may be lurking amongst the piles of leaf debris. Hedgehogs, frogs and lots of insects will be taking refuge, so you may want to wear gloves.

By keeping your drains free from debris, you will allow them to perform their function properly, moving waste water away from your property and stopping drainage clogs in their tracks.

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