What is descaling?

Descaling is the process by which a descaling agent is used to prevent or to remove the build up of limestone inside your drainage system. A steady build up of limestone causes your pipes to clog. Descaling is essential for drain maintenance.

In order for you to deal with your clogging problem, it is necessary to know the different kinds of descalers. If you receive water with a high mineral and salt content, you can be assured that you will need to perform descaling at some point. Minerals and salts have a degrading effect on pipes.

The primary aim of water descalers is to reduce the mineral content in your water. You should try and stick to salt-free water softeners, as the salt based ones may contribute to your problem.

Types of descalers

Magnetic Descalers: This process involves the strategic placement of several magnets on a metallic pipe. This process is said to drastically reduce build-up and also soften water. However each magnet will burn a sizeable hole in your wallet, and hence this treatment is used only by large companies for their drain maintenance.

Electric Descalers: This process employs an electric pulse, shot through the water.

Reverse Osmosis: This is considered to be the most popular of all descaling processes, because it has been proved effective over the years. Reverse osmosis was first used for desalinating sea water, so that it could be fit for drinking.

Electro-Magnetic: As its name suggests, this process combines the electric and the magnetic descaling process.

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