Not only does a blocked drain cause a multitude of problems with regard to usage of your at-home or workplace facilities, but if left untreated it can also cause a build up of issues across your entire pipe network. Here at London Drainage Facilities, we specialise in providing an end-to-end service which identifies the root cause of the blockage and ensures that every client is kept up to date with the progress of their case – from initial enquiry through to completion.

In this blog, we’re providing an insider look at what goes on at London Drainage Facilities HQ, as we focus on raising awareness of drainage systems management and our drain unblocking services in London and beyond.

What you can expect as an LDF client

When you get in touch with London Drainage Facilities, about a blockage or to discuss drain network and pipe maintenance, you will be entered into our bespoke job management system which not only allows us to track the case but lets you receive tailored updates as to the status of your enquiry.

The real-time updates that our system provides will allow you to access the details of the job that we are quoting for, and will compile all of the information, reports, and findings in one easy to find location. In many cases, this information includes photographic evidence of the blockage or damage that is being quoted, so that you can understand exactly what the issue is and what work is required to fix it.

All this information is delivered digitally for ease of access, creating a historic database which not only helps about the current project but also means that any future callouts can be further understood using information from past jobs.

When do you need to call a professional drain unblocking company?

Many of our clients past and present know that a smelly drain and backed up water indicates that something is wrong, however many will overlook the problem – unaware that the longer a drain is left to block and build-up, the worse the problem becomes and the more expensive it can be to fix.

Our biggest piece of advice is to act before the problem becomes a drainage emergency, calling out a member of the LDF team before your minor symptoms erupt into a bigger issue. There is no job too big or small for us, with our long-term maintenance service an effective way of managing and keeping on top of regular drain cleaning, while our drain unblocking service is available via booking or emergency callout.

Visibility and transparency are priorities for the whole team at London Drainage Facilities, and as such we pride ourselves in being able to provide every client with real-time information about the status of their drainage engineer. That’s why, when you call us, you can be sure that the service you will receive is second to none – combining complete transparency with lasting benefits via both our emergency drain unblocking service and drain maintenance.

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