You would be forgiven for thinking that, until your drains and pipe network present a real and tangible problem, they are running like clockwork with no foreseeable issues.

But far under the surface we stand on, our drains are far more likely to succumb to blockages than many of us think, especially with the high risk of debris and foreign objects being flushed, and kitchen oils and fats solidifying in the pipes themselves to create unexpected issues.

When a drain becomes blocked, the damage it can cause is extensive – culminating in flooding and the need for costly repair work before it can be restored to full use.

This is where drain jetting comes in. Considered one of the most effective and low-intervention solutions for a blocked drain, drain jetting involves a powerful jet of pressurised water which is flushed through the affected pipe to ensure that any blocked debris or material is shifted.

Here’s how it works – and why it works so well.

How does drain jetting work?

Drain jetting uses a high-pressure flow of water to break through and flush away any kind of blockage which has established itself and built up within a pipe system. The powerful stream of water is particularly ideal for targeting problematic and firmly established blockages, with the jetting system able to keep pumping water through the pipe until the issue has completely cleared.

As both an emergency and maintenance service, drain jetting is used by specialists to clear away existing and stubborn blockages, and to alleviate any build-up which could contribute towards a lasting blockage if left untreated.

The benefits of drain jetting

Onto the benefits of drain jetting as a service. We first come to the flexibility of this particular solution – both physically and as a safe and effective means of eradicating a blockage in your drain. The design of the drain jetting equipment is such that the pipe used can easily navigate and move through a complex drain system – overcoming multiple u-bends with ease. What’s more, because it is simply a high-power jet of water which is used to overpower the blockage, drain jetting is safe for any pipe system – alleviating the use of chemicals and instead relying on water power.

Another benefit worth noting is the way that drain jetting can be used to flush away minor blockages as part of a regular service. When domestic and commercial property owners take control of their drain network and take steps to keep their system flowing smoothly and seamlessly, they save both time and heaps of money.

Finally, because drain jetting only requires water, it is a relatively cost-effective service (depending on the severity of the blockage).

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