Homeowners rely on plumbers for a lot. Not only do they protect our access to running water as and when we need it, but they also help us to identify surface level and deeper running issues with our water pressure, drainage network, and more.

There are many reasons why you might need to call on a local plumber. One of the most common – and often avoidable – issues experienced by homeowners is blocked drains, across London and further into the South Easter of England. This is why we’ve created this blog, sharing three things that your local plumber wants you to know as a matter of priority.

1. Blocked drains get worse (not better!)

First up, a blocked drain will not get better on its own. Leaving a blocked drain will not improve the flow – in fact, you can rest assured that leaving a blockage will only cause it to build up and get worse.

Some of the early signs of a blockage in your drain include unpleasant aromas around plugholes, and slow draining sinks. While it can be easy to overlook these early signs to an extent, they point towards an underlying issue which only gets worse as a blockage continues to build and expand. If left untreated completely, a blocked and slow-draining pipe network can lead to a far more expensive damaged or cracked pipe.

2. DIY methods won’t break through an established blockage

Another thing your drainage professional wants you to know is that googling DIY drain unblocking methods will likely not prove effective in the face of an established issue.

Concoctions which involve ingredients like vinegar and baking soda can cut through some small build ups, but more extensive blockages require drain jetting services performed by professionals with industry leading equipment and tools.

3. Drain maintenance is worth the time and money

Finally, your plumber needs you to know that drain maintenance is a service that’s worth both the time and financial investment.

When you book a professional plumber or drainage specialist to perform a regular (likely an annual) maintenance check on your drains, they flush the drain with a powerful jet of water which unsettles any build up and ensures that blockages are not allowed to grow.

Drainage maintenance also includes some level of education around what it means to take care of your drains properly – identifying the main causes of a blocked drain which include foreign objects, hair from the shower, and fat and grease from your kitchen sink. The more that you can do to alleviate the build up of these substances, the lesser the chance of your experiencing a debilitating blockage.

A blocked drain can cause everything from an irritating slow-draining sink to an expensive leak in your pipe network – depending on how efficiently you get the problem identified and treated. For more advice on managing homeowner issues like a blocked drain, get in touch with your local plumber.

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