Maintaining your drainage system and ensuring that your drains and pipes are clean and clear doesn’t just make life easier – it also saves you time and an extraordinary amount of stress. With the symptoms of blocked drains rarely talked about until they become a major issue, it’s all too easy to avoid the topic until it becomes a problem. However, by the time the symptoms rear their heads, it’s often too late to do anything but call on an emergency drain unblocking service.

This blog deals with one of the ways in which drains can be effectively unblocked and maintained – sharing three of the top benefits of drain jetting in London. But before we get into the details around these three core benefits, it’s important to note that this service and the information about it are not limited to those suffering with blocked pipes – rather, drain jetting is a service that’s also recommended for regular maintenance.

Now, onto the benefits.

1. It uses a high pressure of water to clear away debris and build-up

Drain jetting uses a long hose and a powerful jet of water to blast through any build-up or debris which has settled and become stuck in your pipes or within your drainage system. By relying purely on water rather than chemicals and other tools, drain jetting is both highly effective and incredibly safe – targeting the problem area without causing any surrounding damage.

Once the blockage or debris has been unsettled, the jet of water flushes it away before it can become stuck again.

2. It easily traverses bends in your pipe network

Another major benefit of drain jetting is the design of the hose and the power behind the jet of water, which enables U-bends and narrow pipes to be traversed and navigated with ease. The extra-long hoses can be fed through the pipe network, while the consistent flow of water enables even the toughest and most stubborn of blockages to be dislodged.

3. It is an effective way of avoiding costly drain blocks

Perhaps the most important benefit of drain jetting is the effect it has on your drainage system, both as an emergency unblocking solution and as an ongoing maintenance technique.

Drain jetting is an excellent way of ensuring that water can flow freely through your pipes day and night, without causing damage or undue pressure on the pipes themselves. When you seek out and invest in the services of a regular drainage maintenance team, there is a high chance that they will use water jetting to flush through your pipes and ensure that there are no issues. Any issues that are identified can be further investigated with industry-leading equipment such as CCTV surveys and more.

In an industry where prevention is better than repair, drain jetting is the answer to a multitude of issues and challenges for property owners. Get in touch with your local drainage company to find out more.

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