We have mentioned in our articles before the problems that fat can have on homeowner’s drainage systems, but the amount of fat removed from sewers underneath Leicester Square has left us astounded.

The sewers underneath Leicester Square in London have recently been cleaned-up in what is thought to be the biggest sewer clean-up of its kind. And during the process, 1,000 tonnes of congealed putrid fat was found. The drainage professionals in London couldn’t initially get access to the sewer because a four-foot wall of solid fat blocked their path.

The sewer clean-up operation is expected to last over two weeks, with drain cleaning in London experts tackling the blockage by breaking up the fat using high pressure water jetting devices. It has been estimated that the amount of fat found could fill nine double-decker buses.

London’s drainage systems have to cope with a huge amount of waste products on a daily basis and after years of abuse it is no wonder problems like this occur. However, the amount of fat is unprecedented, with one Thames Water employee stating:

“We’re used to getting our hands dirty, but nothing on this scale.”

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