Wilmington residents await sewer repairs

Homeowners in Wilmington have criticised Thames Water after they were forced to wait over 80 days for a collapsed sewer to be repaired. The sewer collapse happened in early September but because repairs need to take place on a busy section of road Thames Water had to delay the repair. Residents have complained of things […]

Drainage problems again in Hendon

A drain that has been causing problems for five years has finally been fixed by Thames Water. The drain, which is located under a busy high street in Hendon regularly sent sewer water flooding down the road at times of heavy rainfall. Although there have been numerous investigations into why the sewer flooding has happened […]

Oxford residents complain of sewer flooding

Residents in Oxford have criticised Thames Water after their road was blighted by sewer flooding after the recent spate of wet weather. Residents in around 20 homes in South Hinksey, Earl Street and Western Road saw sewer flooding last week due to the heavy rainfall. They claim that Thames Water is not doing enough to […]

CCTV survey equipment

The drains which leave domestic and commercial properties and the public sewers which carry the waste to sewage treatment works across the city of London do not always work without problems. In fact, because most of London’s drainage system was built over one hundred years ago the drainage experts across the capital find themselves battling […]

Millions of litres of raw sewage leak in London rivers due to sewer misconnections

Thames Water has released estimated figures which reveal that nearly four million litres of raw sewage enters the rivers in the London area due to incorrectly connected sewer pipes. The problems with misconnected pipes occur when household drains are connected to the wrong sewer system which releases the waste as rain water into rivers and […]

Reading sewer works to finish two weeks early

Thames Water sewer works on Blagrave Street in Reading are expected to finish this weekend, two weeks earlier than anticipated. Drainage engineers have been working in and around Blagrave Street since the beginning of July, replacing a damaged sewer pipe which is located over eight metres below the surface. The sewer suffered a collapse last […]

Kevin McCloud uses ‘fatbergs’ to power his transit van

Sewer cleaners in London are aware of the ‘fatbergs’ which lie in the sewers beneath the city, but they came as a bit of a shock to Grand Designs presenter Kevin McCloud when he filmed his new Television series for Channel 4 – ‘Kevin McCloud’s Man made Home’. The presenter was seen just last week […]

New sand filtering tanks installed at Sandhurst Wastewater Treatment Works

Southern Water has employed the use of sand to make their waste water treatment procedures more environmentally friendly. In a project at the Sandhurst Wastewater Treatment Works in Kent, Southern Water have installed huge sand filtering tanks which waste water is fed through to give it an extra polish before it is released to the […]
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