Ground water levels begin to drop

Thames Water has announced that thankfully ground water levels have started to drop. Despite the April showers many regions have seen over the last few weeks ground water levels have dropped slightly in the Thames Valley region. This is despite the first half of the month seeing around 57% of the average monthly rainfall. This […]

Super sewer planning application finally submitted

Thames Water has finally submitted its planning application for the ‘super sewer’ which will pass underneath the city of London. The planning inspectorate received the 50,000 page application for the Thames Tideway Tunnel at the end of last week. The scheme, if it is approved, will provide a new super sewer under the city to […]

Unprecedented water levels keep Thames Waters’ tankers busy

Thames Water has said that it has spent over £4.5m this winter pumping out sewers to stop them overflowing after the region was saturated by unprecedented rainfall. The London drainage company said that they were left with no choice but to pump sewage away from some locations after the water table level rose to record […]

Drainage Problems – Pipe Liner Repair

Drainage engineers have to face a host of problems on a daily basis as part of their everyday jobs. And like all jobs some days things go according to plan and some days things become slightly more complicated. The majority of drainage jobs a drainage engineer may visit will simply be caused by debris blocking […]

Borehamwood residents suffer sewer misery

Residents want Thames Water to compensate them after sewage flowed into their gardens three times over the last month. Families in Borehamwood awoke last week to find their gardens were covered with sewer detritus including human excrement, toilet paper and tampons. It was the second time the sewer had flooded in the same week. They […]

Drainage root removal in London

One of the most common reasons for blocked drainage is root infiltration. In their quest for water roots make their way into the drainage system through tiny fissures in the pipes’ structure and in the interconnecting sections between drainage pipes. When roots have entered the drainage system they quickly multiply and can soon engulf the […]

Regional sewer problems after Christmas

Waste water companies across the country are highlighting the problems faced by fat blocking homeowner’s drains. Pictures released by Thames Water, Yorkshire Water and Scottish Water all show what happens when homeowners unthinkingly pour waste fat down the drain – to devastating effects. Most sewers that are filled with fat eventually block completely, which occasionally […]
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